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Eklipz is a supremely seasoned, multi-medium, locally-renowned artist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Often referred to as a modern day Renaissance artist, his work has already established an impactful presence throughout the community.  Having grown up scribing the city streets in the early 90’s, his art still adorns the buildings of Hamilton with elegantly executed, colour-infused murals.  Though his initial offerings were spawned by Hip Hop’s graffiti culture, his unquenchable thirst for growth in all areas of life pushed him to develop an eclectic and diverse style unlike any other.  

Today there is seemingly no limit to his craft.  Scoffing at specialization, he now is able to convey his message through a multitude of mediums and materials.  His adeptness with acrylic, watercolour and spray paints showcase a vivid and vibrant style that  leaves his audience thoroughly engrossed and enchanted.  In recent years he has achieved great success experimenting with markers on various non-traditional surfaces such as wood and metal.  Never one to be pigeon-holed, Eklipz has also
extended his sublime creativity into the fields of photography and cinematography.   

His distinctiveness is perhaps most evident in his subject matter. Combining his personal experiences and observations with a finely tuned social conscience, he creates inspired imagery that gives glimpses into both his spirit and the strivings and struggles we all share. He seamlessly blends contemporary urban themes with classical elements, often paying homage to eras and periods that have fallen through the cracks of time.  When he is not busy working on custom commissioned pieces for art lovers across the globe, he is sharing his unique and powerful perspective with the next generation of aspiring artists.


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